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Animal Feed
Product List
 Free Flowing Granola Bulk Tote Box 0.22 per pound
 Strawberry 55 Gallon Drum
 Blueberry 55 Gallon Drum
 Caramel 55 Gallon Drum SOLD OUT
 Caramel Pail 50#
 Caramel Pail 20#
 Caramelized Pear Flavor Pail 50# $10.00
 Maple Dipping Icing Pail 43# $15.00
 Variety Chopped Apple Pail 38# $10.00
 Coconut Creme Pastry Filling Pail $5.00
 Orange Frosting Pail
 Donut Glaze Pail $10.00
*Prices may change at any time without notice
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Animal Feed Only - Not for Human Consumption
Open By Appointment Only
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